Community Resource Development Education

The Extension Shawano County no longer has an agent in this position. Below are resources from past Agents.


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  • Helping businesses, governments and citizens adapt to change
  • About building resilient communities

Facilitating working together on what is important to you.

The mission of the UW-Extension Community Resource Development Educator is to help citizens build better communitiesby:

  • providing learning opportunities related to public issues
  • facilitating citizen participation
  • conducting localized research with community groups
  • accessing outside resources and university information

The benefits of this work for communities include…

  • greater public awareness of current forces affecting communities
  • more informed group and community decision making
  • preservation of community features that citizens value
  • progress toward changes that citizens desire

Who the CRD Educator works with includes…

  • local, county, school and tribal governments
  • planning commissions and plan advisory committees
  • nonprofit, community-based organizations and civic groups
  • businesses and business organizations
  • community development corporations
  • property owners, lake groups and natural resource organizations
  • housing and neighborhood groups


If you have questions regarding Community Resource Development Education in Shawano County, please contact:
Rhonda Sumnicht, Office Assistant UW-Extension Shawano County Shawano County Courthouse 311 North Main Street, Room 101 Shawano, WI 54166 Phone: 715-526-6136 * Fax: 715-526-4875 E-mail:


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