Foundation of Workforce Development

“A vital and productive society with a prosperous and sustainable future is built on a foundation of healthy child development. Health in the earliest years—beginning with the future mother’s well-being before she becomes pregnant — lays the groundwork for a lifetime of the physical and mental vitality that is necessary for a strong workforce and responsible participation in community life.”

 Economists and pediatricians say:

Key Investments

  • Home visiting

  • Preschool

  • Quality child care

  • Parent education

  • Health CareReturns per dollar invested 6-2016


Learn about it

Foundation of Workforce Development (MS-PowerPoint with sound)

Federal Reserve System presentation on the subject:
Cultivating Soft Skills in Workforce Development: Early Childhood Initiatives 

Post foundation stages:
Cultivating Soft Skills in Workforce Development: K-12 Initiatives

 federal reserveEarly Brain and Child Development: Building Brains, Forging Futures

Medical Symposium Videos:,6ee2af48-f895-4c00-acd3-b63e3805066d,6ee2af48-f895-4c00-acd3-b63e3805066d,6ee2af48-f895-4c00-acd3-b63e3805066d

Baby’s Brain Begins Now: Conception to Age 3

Poverty & Child Health

 Poverty Disturbs Children’s Brain Development and Academic Performance

 InBrief: The Impact of Early Adversity on Children’s Development

 Topic: Executive Function

Topic: Toxic Stress

Topic: Adult Capabilities

The Science of Adult Capabilities

Regarding the epigenetic underpinning of the subject:
Lick Your Rats (The Genetic Science Learning Center at The University of Utah)

The economic development case for preschool education

The Raising of America (documentary series)
Our public health department and our office use this video series.


 Early Head Start: Birth – Three

The Incredible Years

Invest in Kids (Colorado)

Success by 6

Born Learning

The community Partnership for Children (CPC)

UW-Wisconsin Waisman Center Early Childhood & Education Unit

Birth to 3 (Available through Wisconsin counties)
Shawano County: 715-526-4700

WIC – Shawano County

Raising a Thinking Child

Shawano County:

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