Rapid Climate Change & Business

Rapid Climate Change & Business

If you:
Do business with Walmart or part of their supply chain, do business with the West Coast, or do business overseas, these are important for you right now. For information on related research or instruction, contact jay.moynihan@ces.uwex.edu

The Climate Disclosure Project. The premier climate change mitigation and adaptation reporting protocol and searchable database for business and local governments.

GHG Protocol
The most complete set of references, guidance’s, templates for figuring out how your organization can deal with rapid climate change. It is the most widely used international accounting tool for government and business leaders to understand, quantify, and manage greenhouse gas emissions. Most of the tools used to answer the CDP, above.

CDP Water Program
Regarding investor expectations about water security.

Walmart Sustainability Hub

Their goals are:

•To be supplied 100% by renewable energy

•To create zero waste

•To sell products that sustain people and the environment



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