Economic Development Studies and Paths

Economic Development Studies & Paths

It is a collection of brief summaries of past studies and the like done in the Shawano area re economic behaviors, employment, etc. It also contains demographic information and some ideas, approaches, etc.

This will be updated periodically.

Introduction (pdf, 3 pages, 349 KB)

Section 1 – Conceptual Paths Past to Present (pdf, 8 pages, 205 KB)

Section 2 – A Summary at Some Past Studies and Ideas (pdf, 38 pages, 667 KB)

Section 3 – Shawano & Menominee Community Nation Regional Economic Analysis Project (pdf, 61 pages, 2.6 MB)

Section 5 – Shawano County Menominee Nation Demographics (pdf, 168 pages, 3.7 MB)

Section 6 – Paths (pdf, 10 pages, 295 KB)


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Mathew Kures Workshop on Potential Directions for Economic Development in Shawano Country, March 11, 2015 – “The Mathew Kures Workshop”

What’s happening to the economy? Steven Deller Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension from April of 2015 – “What’s happening to the economy?

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Coming Later:

Economic Development & Boundary Conditions

Adds material from scientifically based approaches to economics (behavioral economics, ecological economics, biophysical economics, systems theory, cybernetics, etc.). These approaches, recognize a wider range of causes and effects in economic behavior, and the interdependence between human behavior and the “real”, bio-geophysical world, that economic behavior is embedded in.

This will be updated periodically.


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Where Do Shawano Lake Boaters come from?

Data From Periodic Clean Boats, Clean Waters Inspections, 2011-2013  Jay Moynihan 04/2014

Where Do Shawano Boaters Come From?


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