Resiliency – The Commitment to Community

2016 Resiliency – The Commitment to Community – Connecting the Dots



 The Commitment to Community

Technically, resiliency is “the ability of a system and its component parts to anticipate, absorb, accommodate, or recover from the effects of a hazardous event in a timely and efficient manner, including through ensuring the preservation, restoration, or improvement of its essential basic structures and functions.” Source

Less formally, “The ability to deal with change and continue to develop.” Or “Resilience is the capacity of a system to continually change and adapt yet remain within critical thresholds.” Source

Thinking About It




Connecting the Dots 5 Steps of critera 2016

“Social Problems” ( yes, those are air quotes )

Social Problems



Plan Prepare  Prevail!

“Be prepared before a disaster strikes your community or small business. As part of a series of focus groups and meetings with consumers and small business owners, the Kansas City Fed has developed an array of  materials to help you be prepared before and after a disaster. Check out our disaster preparedness and recovery financial forms, checklists and resources.




CTD The Importance of Collaboration 2016 (Powerpoint)

Foundation of Workforce Development (Powerpoint)

Economic Development Studies and Paths (Webpage)

Citizen Science Links

2015 Resiliency Workshop (Powerpoint)

Health and The Workplace 

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