What is FoodWIse?
The UW-Extension Wisconsin FoodWIse is a federally funded program that has been offering nutrition education programming to the food stamp-eligible residents of Shawano County since 1994.  During the period of Jan. 2016 – October 2016,  3,084 educational contacts were made in Shawano County reaching 1,028 people. Partner sites and agencies include: local food pantries, WIC clinics, public elementary schools (Bowler, Hillcrest, and Tigerton), and Shawano Job Center.

How can we help you?

The FoodWIse Program can provide information and assistance to you and your family on these topics:

  • Preparing healthy meals
  • Managing your food money
  • How to shop and stretch your food dollars
  • Helping your children eat healthy snacks and meals
  • Cooking skills
  • Increasing physical activity for yourself and with your family
  • Food safety to prevent food-related illnesses.

 Youth Education

We provide school nutrition programs that educate children on proper diet, food safety, health and fitness. Click here to view healthy snack recipes used in the classroom.

Should I Buy Organic Foods?
Organic Food Standards and Labels: The Facts – Explains what the organic label means on foods and how to identify organic foods in the grocery store.

Links of Interest

FoodWIse Program is now on Facebook!


If you have any questions regarding FoodWIse in Shawano County, please contact:  

Lori Schuettpelz, FoodWIse Coordinator
Shawano County & Menominee County/Nation
311 North Main Street, Room 109
Shawano, WI 54166
Phone: 715-526-6136 * 715-526-4870